Provider Spotlight Saint Martin de Porres High School

School Choice Ohio proudly highlights Ohio’s excellent educational options…This week we shine our spotlight on Saint Martin de Porres High School in Cleveland, Ohio.

Saint Martin de Porres High School serves students and their families in the Greater Cleveland area. Established in 2003, the student body (grades 9-12) has grown to over 400 students for the 2022-23 school year.

Inspired by the Gospel, Saint Martin de Porres High School is a Catholic college-preparatory high school that combines innovative academics with a unique work program preparing students of limited economic means to become men and women of faith, purpose and service.

Saint Martin offers a private school Catholic education without the cost! This is ONLY possible because of their Corporate Work Study program, Ohio’s scholarship programs, additional fundraising, and generous philanthropic support. The cost to educate a student at Saint Martin is around $20,000 but families (on average) pay as little as $400 for their education. 99% of the students at Saint Martin de Porres receive Ohio scholarship programs which is a critical piece to their tuition model.

As a member of the national Cristo ReyⓇ Network of schools, Saint Martin partners with over 120 local organizations who are committed to our innovative Corporate Work Study Program, which exposes students to career and post-graduation pathways, engages them with adult professionals and empowers them with skills of confidence, passion, and faith to achieve life-long success. Our students go to work one day a week, which helps to offset the cost of their tuition while gaining real world work expereince. Students graduate with over 1,600 hours of professional work experience to add to their resumes.

Janessa Di Geronimo, Marketing & Communications Manager – Saint Martin de Porres High School

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