Private (Nonpublic) Schools

There are two types of private schools in Ohio. The first type of private school is a Chartered Nonpublic School. These private schools opted to apply for and receive a charter granted by Ohio’s State Board of Education. (In other states private schools may be subject to accreditation rather than a chartering process.) The second type of private school is a Non-Chartered, Non-Tax Supported School.

The Ohio Department of Education provides the following short description of both types of private schools:

Chartered nonpublic schools are private schools that have provided evidence of adherence to the Operating Standards for Ohio Schools and are therefore officially chartered by the State Board of Education.  These schools can choose to offer a religious-based curriculum.  Credits and diplomas from such schools must be recognized by other Ohio chartered schools (both public and nonpublic).

Non-chartered non-tax supported schools (NCNT) are those that, because of truly held religious beliefs, choose to not be chartered by the State Board of Education.  Such schools are required to file a report with the Ohio Department of Education annually. A list of NCNT schools is available to review on our website at NCNT Information. The Ohio Department of Education does not have legal authority to regulate the curriculum taught in non-chartered schools.

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