Autism Scholarship

The Autism Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students on the autism spectrum who have an IEP that establishes they need autism related services. The scholarship can be used at the participating school and/or private service provider(s) of your choice. The scholarship is renewable through high school graduation or the student’s 22nd birthday.

When parents use an Autism Scholarship, they become responsible for making sure that their child is receiving all the special education services that they need. The school district where you live is no longer responsible for making sure your child receives a free and appropriate education (FAPE). 

Who is eligible?

Any child between the ages of three and 21 who is on the autism spectrum and has an Individualized Education Program (IEP) under the Autism category is eligible to apply. This is the only Ohio voucher program that is available to preschoolers.

How much is the scholarship worth?

Autism Scholarships are worth up to $31,500 per year.

What can we use the scholarship for?

Autism Scholarships can be used toward educational services at the participating school and/or private service provider(s) of your choice. Participating schools can be private or public schools. 

To see a list of the schools and private providers that accept the Autism Scholarship, follow these steps:

Click here to access the dashboard

Click on “Select Program” in the top left-hand corner

Click on “Autism Scholarship”

How do we apply?

Research – Check out the participating schools and providers. Choose the school and or provider on the list that is the best fit for your child.

Apply to a School or Provider – Reach out to the school or provider of your choice and begin their application process. Your child must go through their regular admission process.

Apply for the Scholarship – If your child is accepted, the school or provider will apply for the scholarship on your behalf.

When do we apply?

Applications are accepted year-round. If you apply between April and June, your scholarship will not be available until July 1st.

How many scholarships are available?

There is no cap on the number of Autism Scholarships available. Any eligible student who applies will receive a scholarship.

Will I have to pay for any costs?

Any costs above the $31,500 scholarship award are the responsibility of the family. It is important to make clear what services will be provided by the provider(s) you choose, what exactly will be covered by the scholarship, and what additional costs there will be if any. Students must be enrolled in the scholarship program for the entire school year to receive the full scholarship amount.

How is this scholarship funded?

The Autism Scholarship is funded through the State of Ohio using funds already allocated for that child’s education.

The Ohio Department of Education administers this scholarship program.

For more information on the program from the department, click here.

If you have any questions about this scholarship program,

please call us at 614-223-1743 or 1-800-673-5876 or contact us by email here.

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