School Districts to File Lawsuit to Maintain Their Monopoly

It is disappointing, but not surprising that the same organizations that institutionalize and reinforce lower achievement for students with special needs, low-income, and minority students want to protect their monopoly. Using public funds to try to limit school choice instead of working to improve students’ opportunities is despicable.


Education choice programs like Ohio’s scholarship programs primarily serve students ill-served and left behind by education establishment. Unfortunately, the goal of this lawsuit appears to be continuing the legacy of repression.


Ohioans support school choice. A recent poll by the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus reported that 61% of Black Ohioans support publicly-funded school choice. Overall, 74% of Ohioans, when provided a description of the EdChoice Scholarship Program expressed support. 


School Choice Ohio believes in families and their right to find a school or setting that works best for their children.  It is unsettling that this Coalition believes that only they know best.

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