Understanding Equitable Services

Not sure where to start when talking to districts about equitable services? Unsure what consultation should take place? SCO has identified resources that can help.

Under federal law, private schools are entitled to ‘equitable services’ from the school districts in which they are located for certain types of federal aid. Equitable services apply to important federal programs such as Title I (serving students)  and Title II (support for educators) as well as funds provided by the CARES Act for costs associated with dealing with the COVID-19 virus.


U.S. Department of Education guidance: https://oese.ed.gov/files/2020/04/FAQs-Equitable-Services.pdf 


Ohio Department of Education: https://ccip.ode.state.oh.us/DocumentLibrary/Default.aspx?ccipSessionKey=637257414311237086

American Federation for Children: https://www.federationforchildren.org/cares-act-assistance-for-private-school-families/

Council for American Private Education https://www.capenet.org/pdf/ESSACAPE.pdf


Ohio private schools with questions can also contact the Ohio Department of Education Nonpublic Ombudsman, Chantelle Carter, at  Chantelle.Carter@education.ohio.gov or (614) 466-5203.

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