Ohio’s ACE program

What is ACE?

The Ohio Afterschool Child Enrichment (ACE) Educational Savings Account provides funds to a student’s parent or guardian to use on various enrichment and educational activities. The program was initiated to help Ohio students regain momentum from learning loss due to COVID.

ACE provides $500 per student per school year to use toward tutoring, music lessons, educational programs, camps, and more.

Merit International is the administrator for the ACE program on behalf of the Ohio Department of Education.

Who qualifies for ACE?

Students whose families meet income guidelines qualify for ACE funding.  Qualification is good for one year, July through June.  Families will need to requalify each year for ongoing participation in the program. 

Number in Family/HouseholdGross Annual Amount (250%)
For each additional person add:$14,160

How does ACE work?

  • Parents/Guardians submit income information through the Departments OH|ID parent portal
  • Once Income Verification is complete, parents will receive an email from Merit notifying them that they may now register to receive access to the ACE funds for their students.  The email will include a link to the Educational Marketplace which lists all of the current providers of ACE programs in the state.
  • Families can find providers in their area using the Educational Marketplace, then register for those activities by contacting the provider directly.

Families can pay the provider and receive reimbursement from Merit OR the provider can bill Merit on behalf of the student.

Have questions on income criteria or how to apply?  Visit AceOhio.org for more information.

To set up your OH|ID, visit  https://safe.ode.state.oh.us/portal

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