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Neighborhood School

Explore Ohio's Neighborhood Schools

All Ohio students are assigned to a specific public school based on their family’s address. These schools are responsible for meeting the needs of all students in their area.Many families choose their home based on what neighborhood school is assigned to their address.

To find your student’s assigned neighborhood school, call your school district’s central office or visit their website to see if they have a school assignment look-up tool.


Public schools provide free transportation to students that live more than two miles away from the school. The district is required to provide transportation for grades K-8 and is allowed to choose if they would like to provide it for grades 9-12 as well.

If a district deems a student “impractical to transport” and does not provide busing, parents can receive a payment of $250 at the end of the school year as compensation for alternative transportation costs. 


Neighborhood schools are free to students who live within the district boundaries. They are also free to any student in adjacent or surrounding districts if the school district chooses to participate in open enrollment. If the school's district does not participate in open enrollment, students outside district boundaries may have the option to pay tuition to attend. 


Neighborhood schools are funded by local, state and federal tax dollars. Schools can also receive grants and corporate sponsorships.

Application Process

All students living within the borders of the school district are entitled to attend and do not need to submit an application. Parents may be required to provide certain documentation, such as the student’s birth certificate, to sign their student up.

In most districts, parents can choose a different neighborhood school within their district through intra-district open enrollment. The processes for intra-district open enrollment vary by district.

Teacher Requirements

All teachers in a neighborhood school are required to hold a valid Ohio teaching license.