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Know your options

In Ohio, there are many different options available when it comes to your child’s education. Choosing the right school for your child is no longer as simple as just registering her at your local school.  There is a discovery process for parents as we all learn about the different types of schools and programs that are available in Ohio today.

We break this discovery process down into two parts: school sector and program style.

Sectors and styles can match up in almost any combination:

Usually parents are most interested in the program style, but knowing the chosen school’s sector is important to navigate the enrollment process. Schools of any sector or style can be high or low quality, as we’ll see in the evaluate section

We are inspired by the great schools in every sector that are raising expectations, trying new approaches, and helping students reach new heights. Allowing parents to choose from a range of options infuses new energy and efficiency into our entire education system. And you are a part of that!

Learn about Ohio’s School Sectors

The nuts and bolts, behind the scenes information like government oversight, regulation, application process, and funding

Learn about School and Program Styles

The day-to-day approach of a school including things like its curriculum, focus student population, and teaching style