Check your Voucher Eligibility

Making Your Choice

Choosing the Best School for your Child

Comparing Your Options

You made your school shopping list. You researched and visited the schools in your area. Now, you are ready to begin narrowing down your list of possible schools.

Our friends at Picky Parent have developed an excellent worksheet that makes this process very simple. Click here to download the worksheet.
(Picky Parent Guide: Choose Your Child's School with Confidence,

Follow these steps to choose a great school that is a great fit.  

Step 1: Put the quality factors for each of your school options in a chart so you can easily compare the quality levels to find the truly great schools.

Step 2: Include your school visit observations for each school in your comparison chart to track which schools had the 'fit factors' you had on your shopping list.

Step 3: Compare the chart with your shopping list. How does each school match up? How many meet your quality requirements? Which ones have the most fit factors? 

Step 4: After you’ve compared your options, identify your top one or two schools.


Making Your Choice

Now that you’ve identified the top one or two schools for your child, ask yourself these final questions:

Once you answer yes to all these questions, you are ready to make your choice! If you haven't found one that matches your shopping list, don't be afraid to start over and keep looking. There are many, many options available to you. If you can move forward with more than one option, that is smart so that you have a back-up plan. 


Now, learn how to actually enroll your child in the school of your choice in the 'Choose' step of the school choice process.