Planning for Next School Year

Planning for Next School Year

  • Posted by scoadmin
  • On May 5, 2020

In Ohio, school is out for the summer. But what will school look like next year?

The superintendent of Dallas (TX) Independent School District is talking about how the district will likely need multiple plans for the upcoming school year.

Hinojosa’s second plan involves continuing with the current state of learning, which is all through online.

“Plan B, we stay in the current state. Highly unlikely. I believe that things are going to improve between now and August,” he said.

The plan Hinojosa said he sees as “highly likely” is the third, which involves some sort of “blended learning opportunity.” However, he said “Plan C” would have numerous factors that would need to be taken into account to make sure students are safe.

“A lot of it depends on exactly where the state has us, where the health officials have us, where the governor has us. That will be determined as which version of C we have to actually execute,” he said.

In California school officials are wondering how they will meet safety and cleaning measures necessary to open school.

In North Carolina schools are scheduled to open in mid-August. Legislation requires that districts complete and submit plans for remote instruction to the state Board of Education by July 20.

What is the plan for Ohio schools?