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Check Your Voucher Eligibility*

By completing this survey, you will learn if your children are eligible for a school voucher for the 2019-20 school year. Check today to see if you qualify.

The state’s five scholarship programs are administered by the Ohio Department of Education. These programs provide families with more options when it comes to their child’s education. This is critical because all children deserve a quality education that best fits their learning needs.  

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* This is a preliminary determination using the most up-to-date information available at this time and does not constitute a guarantee of eligibility. Contact School Choice Ohio at 1-800-673-5876 to speak with a school choice counselor if you have any questions about eligibility. Final voucher eligibility is determined by the Ohio Department of Education based on your completed application.

** Income information is necessary in order to determine eligibility for Ohio’s Income-Based Scholarship Program. This information will be used solely for this purpose and will not be shared with parties outside of School Choice Ohio.