The Heredia Aguirre Family's Story

Andrea and Jorge knew their public school was not a good fit for their children. They looked into private schools, but they could not afford tuition for all four of their children. One day, Andrea received a phone call from School Choice Ohio to let her know that her children were eligible for the state's EdChoice Scholarship Program. They thought it was too good to be true.

The family now has three children in private schools -- two with the help of the EdChoice Scholarship and one with the help of an Income-Based Scholarship -- and they also have a daughter who attends a charter school.

"School choice has a lot of programs, and they are working," said Jorge. 

When asked about what they like most about their schools, Andrea and Jorge's two oldest children talk about being able to pursue their interests. Their son enjoys accounting class at his private school. Their daughter's charter school gives her the opportunity to pursue her interest in engineering and architecture, as well as reading and writing. 

Andrea and Jorge are grateful for the opportunities school choice has provided their family.

Click here to watch the Heredia Aguirre family share their story.  

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