Makhayla's Story


Growing up, Makhayla was picked on in her public school. In fourth grade, she was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. The bullying continued, and Makhayla started acting as though she didn’t care about her education.

“I knew that wasn’t who I was, but I didn’t like the way I was being treated," said Makhayla. "I didn’t like the constant bullying. I didn’t like how people were perceiving me, because I would be classified only by my disability."

With the help of Ohio's Autism Scholarship Program, Makhayla enrolled at SUPER Learning Center. The school provided a learning environment that was a great fit for her learning needs, and now she is thriving.

Makhayla is proud to say she now receives excellent grades, she is student council president and class president, she has many friends, and she is looking forward to graduating in a few weeks. 

Makhayla says receiving an Autism Scholarship helped her grow as a person.

Click here to watch Makhayla share her story.  

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