Yonah's Story

When Yonah attended public school, she says she often saw fighting and bullying. She felt herself becoming emotionally numb in the environment.

Yonah’s mom applied for an EdChoice Scholarship for her daughter. Now Yonah attends Heritage Christian School in Canton, Ohio, with the help of the scholarship. She recalls being nervous before her first day at her new school, but her nerves were quickly calmed.

“The teachers were very welcoming to me, I made a lot of friends, and I felt like I finally found a place where I could be myself,” said Yonah.

Yonah says she has grown in many ways in the time she has attended Heritage Christian. She says now she cares more about her grades and being successful in school.

Below, Yonah describes the emotional growth she has experienced in her own powerful words:

“I have grown emotionally. Before, when I went to public school, all feelings were gone. With everything at home being difficult, the school environment being chaotic made it worse. When I came to Heritage, the environment felt different.

“I felt happiness and joy for the first time in years. My emotions started to be put back together, and I’m so happy that my mom chose for me to go to Heritage. I’m so happy that I qualified for the EdChoice Scholarship.

“I think my school is a great school, and it is a great fit for me.”

To those who support school choice, Yonah says, “Thank you for supporting school choice and students like me.” 

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