Lydia's Story

In kindergarten, Lydia's teacher let her family know she was struggling to pay attention in class. She often came home with bad grades and teacher comments. At the end of kindergarten, Lydia was diagnosed with high spectrum ADHD. As Lydia entered first grade, her family tried everything to help, but she was still receiving complaints from the teachers, and she became very sad.

A family friend told Lydia's parents about a private school that she felt could be a good fit for Lydia's needs. Lydia's parents took a tour of the school and say they found everything their daughter needed and more. Lydia’s mom recalls that she and her husband left the school in tears of relief knowing that they found a great school for their daughter.

The only question that remained was how they would afford the tuition. They determined that financially it just wouldn’t be possible for their family.

Then they found out about Ohio’s Income-Based (EdChoice Expansion) Scholarship Program, which could help them with tuition at the private school. The family says the scholarship was an answer to their prayers.

According to her family, Lydia smiled more in her first month at the private school than she had in a year at her previous school.

Her mom says, “School Choice helped Lydia shine again, just like she always could! As for our other kids, they’ll be choosing their best education options too!”

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