Nancy's Story

Nancy is a junior at Cristo Rey Columbus High School. She is a recipient of the state’s EdChoice Scholarship. Below is her inspiring story in her own words.

Growing up in a low-income, immigrant family, I always found myself faced with financial hurdles. It was often hard for my family to cover bills and rent. From a young age, my family instilled in me the value of education, so I’ve made it my goal to graduate from not only high school, but college. I see education as a chance to have financial stability in the future.

My family was able to look at surrounding schools and make a choice for themselves. This has allowed me to attend a high school with a work study program and advanced courses. I’ve been able to intern at my local hospital and meet medical professionals.

My three years of experience have inspired me to go into medicine. If I had been restricted to my home school, I would not have the ability to challenge myself in this way.

Educational choice has allowed me to set the stage for a successful college career and to push past financial hardships. Every student learns differently. Every family faces different life situations. So, why should students be forced into a single mold? EdChoice has allowed me to not only break that mold, but own my own education. 


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