Student Tells Committee She Wishes She Had a Choice

House Bill 200, which would streamline Ohio’s scholarship programs into one statewide, income-based K-12 program called the Ohio Opportunity Scholarship, recently had its eighth hearing before the Ohio House Education & Career Readiness Committee. During testimony, a public school student shared her story with the committee.

Aleecia Johnson wishes she had a choice when it comes to her education. Aleecia’s public school is not a great fit for her needs. Private school is not an option financially for her family. She has also looked at other public schools, but the ones she would be interested in do not offer open enrollment.

Aleecia would be eligible to for the Ohio Opportunity Scholarship Program, and she encouraged committee members to think of her when they think about House Bill 200.

Below are some excerpts from her testimony.

My name is Aleecia Johnson...When you think of this bill, I want you to think of me. My life represents this bill perfectly because students like me would have options that I don’t have today.

The truth is that there are no options for students like me. My district is fine academically, but isn’t right for me. I am more of a person than just a report card or a number. No student should be subscribed to a district only because of their address. My family can’t move. We fit the financial qualifications of the current EdChoice Scholarship, but because someone set age limits that don’t make sense, I’m too old to be allowed school choice. Please pass this bill.

Please see my face when you vote, knowing that you will be giving me, and students like me, access to a whole new world of opportunity.

Click here to read Aleecia’s full testimony.

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