Heritage Christian Superintendent and Student Testify in Support of HB 200

During House Bill 200’s eighth hearing before the Ohio House Education and Career Readiness Committee, Heritage Christian Superintendent and a student from the school testified before the committee in support of House Bill 200.

Sharla Elton, superintendent and principal of Heritage Christian, shared that nearly 78 percent of their students attend school with the help of Ohio’s EdChoice Scholarship or an Income-Based (Expansion) Scholarship. See some excerpts from her testimony below.

Simply stated, different environments can serve children differently. Each child deserves a learning environment that best suits his or her needs…

As an example, we have a senior this year who is a twin. Using EdChoice, Bryan attends Heritage Christian School, while his twin brother chose a local Catholic High School with the scholarship. This is proof that even twins can have different needs and seek learning environments that are perfect for each student as a unique individual.

I want every child in Ohio to succeed. With having a business background, I believe that open competition is good for consumers – in this case, families and children. Increased choice means that everyone must raise their standards in order to compete for students. That means we do a better job of educating children, for a lower cost to the taxpayer.

My request to you today is very simple. Allow us to serve more children. Every year, there are families that are broken apart because a younger child qualifies, and an older child does not. Our financial aid ability is not nearly capable to allow everyone free access, although that is what our families need.

It is time to allow more access, especially in communities like ours where there are no other financial options. Please allow families to choose the best schools for their children by supporting House Bill 200.

Click here to read Sharla’s full testimony.

Heritage Christian student and EdChoice Scholarship recipient Yonah Donald also testified in support of House Bill 200. She loves her school, and she spoke to the committee about the changes she has seen in herself since switching schools. Below are some excerpts from her testimony.

Before when I went to public school, all feelings were gone. With everything at home being difficult, the school environment being chaotic made it worse. When I came to Heritage, the environment felt different. I felt happiness and joy for the first time in years. My emotions started to be put back together, and I’m so happy that my Mom chose for me to go to Heritage. I’m so happy that I qualified for the EdChoice Scholarship.

I think my school is a great school, and it is a great fit for me. People used to ask me who I admire, and I never knew the answer. Now I say that the Teachers at Heritage inspire me. They pull me up from stuff that happens at home to stuff that happens between the school walls. They make me happy and help me to go forward with my day. At school there is so much potential, so much love, so much joy, and yes, we still have our bad days. But, they are days worth enduring.

Thank you for supporting School Choice, and students like me.

Click here to read Yonah’s testimony

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