Thankful for School Choice

Here at School Choice Ohio, we are thankful for many things, but most importantly the opportunity to empower Ohio families with the information they need to make the best choices for their children when it comes to their education. 

"I am thankful for school choice because it allows my daughter to learn, grow and excel in a homeschool environment, which is specifically designed for her needs. It's important to our family because it provides us with financial resources to build into our daughter. She's thriving emotionally and educationally."

- Laurie, parent of a special needs scholarship recipient

"I am thankful for the EdChoice Scholarship because I feel like I have a choice in where and how my children are educated."

-Stephanie, mom of two EdChoice scholarship recipients

Click here to see Stephanie and her sons share in a short video why they are thankful for school choice

"Our family is thankful for school choice because the funding has created an opportunity for our third grade dyslexic child to attend Marburn Academy. He was not progressing in public school and the constant pulling out for short bursts of intervention help was not enough. Our son, for the first time, is excited about attending school! He does not feel like the different or odd child because of his dyslexia and ADHD -- he feels like he belongs. He is learning at a great pace and the teachers have the time and patience for his needs in this smaller classroom setting that Marburn Academy provides. Finally, our family life is happier since school is no longer a constant struggle for our son. We could not afford to attend this school without the Jon Peterson Scholarship.  We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity this scholarship has provided our son."

-Shayna and Bryan, parents of a special needs scholarship recipient

"I am thankful for the opportunity to choose a school that fits my expectations and meets my daughter’s needs. Having this opportunity gives me faith that she will receive a brilliant education that opens a window to a better future. As parents we want what is best for our children and being able to choose an adequate school through school choice gives me satisfaction when I see her fulfilled and happy."  

"Estoy agradecida por la oportunidad de elegir la escuela y ambiente de educación que cumple con mis expectativas y las necesidades de mi hija. Espero con fe, que esta oportunidad sea el principio de una brillante educación y una ventana a un futuro mejor. Como padres queremos lo mejor para nuestros hijos, y el derecho de elegir una escuela adecuada a través de School Choice es muy satisfactorio cuando la veo plena y feliz."
- Maritza, mom of an Income-Based scholarship recipient


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