Second Scholarship Application Windows Now Open: How to Apply

The second application windows for the Cleveland, EdChoice and Income-Based Scholarship programs are underway, and there is still time to apply!

EdChoice Scholarship Program
Students attending or assigned to attend one of the state’s underperforming public schools could be eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship Program, which provides scholarships worth up to $4,650 for grades K-8 and $6,000 for high school. The scholarships are to be used toward tuition at the participating private school of your choice. Click here to see if your child’s school is on the list.

Cleveland Scholarship Program
Students who live in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District are eligible to apply for a Cleveland Scholarship. The scholarship helps families with the cost of tuition at the participating private school of their choice. Scholarships are worth up to $4,650 for grades K-8 and $6,000 for high school.   

Income-Based Scholarship Program
If your student is entering kindergarten, first, second, third, or fourth grade and your family’s gross income is at or below 200 percent of Federal Poverty Guidelines, your student is eligible to apply for the Income-Based Scholarship Program.  Scholarships are worth up to $4,650 and are to be used toward tuition at the participating private school of your choice.

How to Apply

1.    If you determine your child is eligible for one of the scholarships based on the above criteria, your first step is to begin the application process at a participating private school.

2.    Once your student has been accepted, you will work with the school to complete the application. It is important that you carefully read, complete and submit all the required documents to your school as soon as possible, so they can complete your application. The school will submit the scholarship application on your behalf.

3.    If you are applying for the Income-Based scholarship or are having your income verified for the EdChoice Scholarship Program, be sure to mail in your income verification form along with copies of your supporting documents directly to the Ohio Department of Education before July 31. The exact address can be found on the back of your Income Verification form.  

4.    The second application window closes July 31, 2017, so families should submit all documents before the deadline.

Do you need help navigating through the application process? We are here to help! If you have questions about the scholarship programs or want more information, contact us at 1-800-673-5876 or email




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