Stories of School Choice: Heredia Aguirre Family

Stories of School Choice

At School Choice Ohio, we have the pleasure of working with families who are in the process of finding the best learning environment for their child's needs. We are honored to share their stories with you, so that you can see how school choice is changing lives in our state.

The Heredia Aguirre Family



Andrea and Jorge knew their public school was not a good fit for their kids. They looked into private school, but they could not afford to send all four of their children. One year later, Andrea received a phone call from School Choice Ohio informing her that her children were eligible for the EdChoice Scholarship. They thought it was too good to be true.

Today, their children wake up every morning excited about their school day. The family now has two children in private school with the help of the EdChoice Scholarship, one child in a charter school, and their youngest son, four-year-old Jacob, is counting down the days until he can attend a great school like his siblings.

Andrea and Jorge are amazed at how their children have grown and are grateful for the opportunities school choice has provided their family – opportunities they would not have the chance to experience otherwise. 


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