Ohio kicks off 2014 with most ever school options

What is a better new year’s resolution than finding a better quality, better fit education for your child? One well-researched decision can lead to a lifetime of better opportunity.

Ohio families kick off the year with more options than ever:

  • Vouchers to attend private school. Are you one of the almost 200,000 families who qualify?
    • Have a child in a low-rated school? Check out EdChoice.
    • Does your child have special needs? The ‘JP’ Scholarship might be for you.
    • Ohio’s newest scholarship is for students from lower- and middle-income families who are entering K or 1st grade.
  • Pathways to free college credit during high school. There are 4 established programs that thousands of students use every year
    • What could be better than a student getting
      • A headstart on college while they still have high school support?
      • A sneak peek at college and career courses that can help figure out what they what they want to be when they grow up?
      • FREE college credit that transfers to different colleges?
  • Open doors to the district down the road
    • Most districts in Ohio allow students from other districts to attend for free. Interested in sending your child to another district? Click here to see if that district participates.

There are MANY options that parents can explore to find the right school that’s the right fit for their children. 2014 could be YOUR year for a new opportunity.

Now that you’re informed, will you help us spread the word to other Ohio families?

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