Reach of Ohio's EdChoice Program Doubles in Six Months

In the past six months, Ohio doubled the reach of its EdChoice Scholarship Program. Previously, private schools in 31 counties accepted EdChoice Scholarship recipients, and now private schools in 62 counties are accepting scholarship students!

In March, there were 301 private schools from 31 counties participating in Ohio’s EdChoice Program. Then, something great happened. In July, the state budget expanded the EdChoice Scholarship Program to include a new Income-Based Scholarship Program.

With this expansion, kids in Ohio’s rural counties became eligible for a state-funded scholarship for the first time, and we wanted to make sure they had options! So, School Choice Ohio reached out to every single private school in the state.

Now, it is clear our efforts were successful! Today, there are 428 private schools in 62 counties across Ohio that are accepting scholarship recipients!

This is huge because, for the first time, Ohio is offering scholarships based on income and zip code. Kids are now eligible for a scholarship to attend the school of their choice in areas of the state where that has never before been an option. These maps are a great illustration of school choice expanding in Ohio. At School Choice Ohio, we couldn't be happier to see education options expanding to more kids across the state.

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