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About SCO

School Choice Ohio is the only statewide organization that educates parents on their education options and advocates for the expansion of quality options for every Ohio child.

This is the story of Maya. She goes to a school that she hates. She isn’t being challenged, and her mom, Karla, is also frustrated. Karla has tried everything. She is struggling in the education system to get her child the resources she needs, but it isn’t working. Like many other parents across the state, Karla doesn’t know that there is another school down the road that would be perfect for Maya, and no one is telling her.

School Choice Ohio reaches out to Karla and shares information about all of Ohio’s education options. She does her research and finds the great school down the road that is a great fit for Maya. Now, attending the school of her mom’s choice, Maya is thriving, loves getting up to go to school in the morning, and is already better prepared for success in her life.

We close the information gap so that parents can close the achievement gap.

At School Choice Ohio, we hear stories like this every day from parents all over the state. It may be that students aren’t being challenged, or maybe they aren’t getting enough support. It may be that they’re being bullied and need a way out. It may be that they have passions for art, language, or math that they want to pursue. It may be from parents who are happy with their child’s elementary school but want something different for middle school. Or parents who want to get their child on a good path right away in kindergarten.

By helping families find a great school that is a great fit, School Choice Ohio plays a critical role in seeing thousands of students across the state thrive in a school that their family chooses based on their individual needs and strengths.

Since 2005, School Choice Ohio has been reaching out to Ohio families by mail, phone, email, social media and community events to inform them about the education options that are available for their children. We serve as a resource for Ohio families, community organizations, schools, community members, elected officials, and media.

Giving parents real power and real information about the thing that matters most to them - the education of their children - is literally the only way to drive sustained, continuous improvement in Ohio's education system.  

Parents choose, kids win.

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