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Accept State-Funded Scholarship Recipients

For many families, access to the right education can be limited by many things including family income or where they live. In Ohio, we have several programs in place to help break down these walls so that many more children can have access to a school that is best for their needs.

Ohio is home to five state-funded scholarship programs. Interested in participating in these programs? Click on a scholarship program below to find out how your school can become a participating school in each program.

Note: Private Schools can sign up to become a provider for all of the scholarship programs. Public schools can sign up to become a provider for the Cleveland Scholarship, Autism Scholarship, and the Special Needs Scholarship programs. Public schools that participate in the scholarship programs allow students from outside their district attend tuition-free.

If you are a non-chartered private school that would like to become a chartered private school and become eligible to accept state-funded scholarship recipients, click here for more info on the Ohio Department of Education's website.