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Open Enrollment

Open Your District's Doors to More Students

Is your district filled with great schools? Sign up to become an open enrollment district to let other families who live outside your district access what you have to offer. It opens your schools to neighboring areas or even to any student in the state, depending on what kind of open-enrollment district you become.

See what other districts are saying about open enrollment...

“Attending a great school should be a matter of fact, not luck; every family should be able to choose an excellent school.  Reynoldsburg City Schools has embraced a portfolio strategy to ensure that students and families have access to high-quality schools.  This approach has resulted in the authorization of five community (charter) schools and seven intra-district schools of choice.  As an open enrollment school district, students regardless of residency can attend, tuition-free, any of the district’s schools.  

"As a result, we have seen a reduction in our student mobility rate while improving the academic, behavior and attendance performance of students.  The revenue generated by open enrollment helps maintain our academic programs and protects the investments made by taxpayers.”
- Steve Dackin, former superintendent, Reynoldsburg City Schools 

Open Enrollment Options 

Thanks to open enrollment, thousands of students across the state attend the public school that is right for them and their family. Check out your two open-enrollment options below.

When you offer this open-enrollment policy, students who live in districts adjacent to yours can attend free of tuition. There are more than 75 districts in the state who offer open-enrollment options to students in adjacent districts.

When you offer this open-enrollment policy, any student outside your district can attend your schools tuition-free. More than half of school districts in the state offer this type of open enrollment.

How to Sign Up

Help open doors so that more children can attend the best school that is the best fit for their learning needs. Every spring, each school district in Ohio may choose whether or not to accept students through open enrollment for the next school year. Contact the Ohio Department of Education at 877-644-6338 to learn more.

Who offers open enrollment?

Hundreds of districts across the state offer open enrollment. Click here to see Ohio's school districts that accept students outside of their district.