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Help Ohio students access the school that's right for them

Open the doors of your school to more students by participating in one or more of the programs in this section. Take a look and see what programs are the right fit for your school.

Is your district filled with great schools? Sign up to become an open enrollment district to let other families who live outside your district access what you have to offer. It opens your schools to neighboring areas or even to any student in the state, depending on what kind of open-enrollment district you become. Thanks to open enrollment, thousands of students across the state attend the public school that is right for them and their family.

For many families, access to the right education can be limited by many things including family income or where they live. In Ohio, we have several programs in place to help break down these walls so that many more children can have access to a school that is best for their needs. Ohio is home to five state-funded scholarship programs. Interested in participating in these programs? Encourage your school to sign up today!