Happy New Year – Districts Use Tax Dollars to Try to Take Away School Choice From Families

Guess it wasn’t enough for districts that they received the funding system they helped create and had funding for school choice programs funded directly by the state. Now, a group of school districts is suing the state of Ohio claiming EdChoice Scholarships are unconstitutional. Below is the list of districts that have signed on to…


What Are Ohio Parents Thinking About?

Key findings in a recent survey of Ohio parents include: Nearly nine out of 10 Educational Choice Scholarship Program parents (89%) are satisfied with the voucher program, and approximately four out of five Cleveland Scholarship Program, Autism Scholarship Program, and Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program parents are satisfied with their respective school choice programs….


School Transportation Webinar

Friday, August 13, School Choice Ohio presented a webinar regarding school transportation. The webinar reviewed existing requirements as well as provided an overview of provisions included in HB 110 that will be effective September 30, 2021. Below are the presentation slides from this webinar. If you have any questions or need assistance dealing with a transportation…

Using Your Tax Dollars to Try to Take Away School Choice

Today a coalition of school districts and traditional education organizations calling themselves Vouchers Hurt Ohio, announced that they are about to file a lawsuit against the State of Ohio. Not surprisingly, this coalition has more than the EdChoice program in its sights.  Their website says: Our legal team is exploring a wide range of issues…