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Support Quality School Options in Ohio

Legislator Lookup

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Your legislators can’t know you want them to support expanded quality school options unless you tell them. Are you interested in contacting your state legislators (one state representative and one state senator)? We have some tips for you below.

Contact your Legislators by Phone

Grab your phone and give your legislators a call.

Contact your Legislators by Email

Reach out to your legislators from the comfort of your own home by sending them a quick email.

Contact your Legislators by Letter

You can share your views on school choice easily with your legislators by sending them a letter voicing your support.

Contact your Legislators via Social Media

Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Chances are your legislators are, too.

Schedule a Meeting with your Legislators

Sitting down to talk with your state representative and senator is a great way to begin building relationships with them – request a meeting with him or her today.

Legislators need to hear from you to be able to represent you well. Speaking up for School Choice in these simple ways make a BIG difference.