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Spread the Word about School Choice

Help us share about school choice today via Facebook, Twitter and email. We've made it easy below for you to copy and past school choice info into your status updates, tweets and emails. 


Share these posts on your Facebook page to tell others why you support school choice:


Here are some ideas of Tweets that can spread the word about school choice. Please connect with us @schoolchoiceoh and let us know some other ideas!


A quick email about school choice and Ohio’s education options could change someone’s life. With the simple click of the send button, you can voice your support for school choice while also helping a family you know find a better education for their child. Here's an idea of what to say:

Dear [insert name],

I just want to take a minute to share with you why school choice is important.

Our students cannot be forced into a one-size-fits-all-education, because it doesn’t work. Students need an education that is tailored specifically to them, and this means that they need options.

Parents know their student better than anyone else does. Because of this, they should be given the opportunity to decide what kind of education their student needs. School choice gives parents high-quality education options and the ability to choose which one would be best for their student.

When students are succeeding, our entire state is, too. Ohio can only reach its full potential when students are reaching theirs. Well-educated students, who are prepared to thrive, mean a stronger future for all of us.

School choice empowers parents. School choice helps students succeed. School choice changes lives.

You can learn more about school choice and all of Ohio’s education options at School Choice Ohio’s website—