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Make Some Noise

Raise your voice for school choice

As a school choice supporter, you understand why school choice is so important for families and for the entire state of Ohio. We need more supporters like you. The only way this will happen is to make some noise and get more people excited about the power of school choice.Let’s encourage others to join us in supporting school choice for Ohio’s kids!

You have many powerful tools right at your fingertips that will help share information.

Talk it up. Word of mouth works. People trust what you share – simply talk about school choice, and that can help change lives by spreading the word. Share what school choice is, what it means to you, what it’s done for your family, what it can do for other families and what it does for Ohio.

Post and share school choice materials in your neighborhood, church, stores, on your blog, website, anywhere! Visit our resource center for all the information you need to spread the word!

Harness the power of the internet. In our Spread the Word page, we've even written up some Facebook posts and Tweets, and an email message that you can use on your Facebook page, Twitter feed and email.