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Principles of School Choice

This We Believe

These four core beliefs form the foundation of what we think it means to believe in school choice and the vision of where school choice can lead us in the future.

We Believe all Children have Potential

All children deserve a quality education, regardless of their income or zip code. And when it comes to learning, one size does not fit all. In order to succeed, Ohio's kids need an education that meets their unique needs. It is wrong for children to be stuck in a school that is not working for them.

We Believe in Empowered Parents

No one is better suited to choose the best learning environment for their child than parents themselves. Parents in all zip codes and income levels should be able to choose from a range of high quality options. When parents have decision-making power and good information, they can hold schools accountable and find the best fit for their child.

We Believe in Innovative Schools

We are inspired by the great schools in every sector that are raising expectations, trying new approaches, and helping students reach new heights. Allowing parents to choose from a range of options infuses new energy and efficiency into our entire education system.

We Believe in Thriving Communities

Our neighborhoods and communities will only reach their full potential when all children consistently have access to a high quality education. Well-educated students who are prepared to thrive means a stronger future for all Ohioans.