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Explore Ohio's Online Schools

Instead of physically taking classes in a school building, online schools (also called e-schools) offer students a virtual education experience. Online schools can offer an individualized and flexible education that cannot be offered in a typical classroom.

All online schools in Ohio are charter schools. Private schools are not allowed to be fully online. Online charter schools can either be accessible statewide or sponsored by a particular school district. Students in any part of the state can enroll in a statewide online school, while only students living in certain districts can enroll in a district-sponsored one.

Students enrolled in online schools receive a computer at home and online access to the school. When students graduate from an online school, they receive an Ohio high school diploma just like any other public school student. 


Transportation may be required for field trips or testing and must be provided by the student’s family.


Online charter schools provide a tuition-free education. All students are given a computer to use while enrolled in an online school, and some may also receive a printer to use.

Parents should check with the online school of their choice to determine if there are costs that will be required for items such as printer ink, internet access, paper, etc. Some online schools provide internet access or offer parents compensation for it, but others do not.


Online schools receive funding on a per-pupil basis from the state. Like other public schools, they receive poverty-based support and limited facility funding on top of the per-pupil funding, but they are not able to access local tax funding. 

Number of These Schools in Ohio

There are 17 online schools in Ohio. Nine online charter schools are open to students across the state. Eight of Ohio's online schools are based in specific school districts. 

Application Process

If interested in online schooling, the first step is for a family to contact the online school about enrollment.

Teacher Requirements

In an online charter school, teachers are required to hold a valid Ohio teaching license.