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Find a Great School that's a Great Fit

Every family wants their child to be in a high quality school where they are safe, challenged, nurtured, and encouraged to reach their potential. Armed with all the information, every family can evaluate their education options for quality and fit. As Picky Parent Guide explains, you want to find a great school that is a great fit. In Ohio, you have many options so don’t be afraid to be picky! While there is no perfect school, you are in the driver’s seat as a parent. Who knows and cares about your child more than you?

Great School: Finding a School with High Quality Academics

At its most basic level, school is about kids having a chance to learn and grow academically, right? Survey after survey shows that parents are looking for high quality academics first and foremost. But how do you know if the schools you are considering will lead your children to reach their learning potential and set them up for success?

We’ll show you how to evaluate the state ratings and student outcomes for your school options.

Great Fit: Finding a School that is a Great Match for your Child and Family

Two schools with the exact same ratings can have very different approaches to education. One might be a great fit for your child and one might be a bad fit. No one knows better than you where that might be. Your school shopping process can help you find the school where your child will feel nurtured, be challenged, and thrive.

A great-fit school is one that meets your child’s social and academic needs as well as your family’s practical needs.

For factors to consider and tools to find the right fit for you, we highly recommend the Picky Parent website. It is an awesome resource that highlights the elements that make a great school and a great fit.

Congratulations on being proactive in being choosy about the place where your child spends so much of her day. This two-step evaluation process will help you narrow down your options, so you can find a good match. Going through this process will make a world of difference for your child’s education.