Mari used to hate school and struggled to stay on track. She has ADHD, sometimes making it difficult for her to concentrate, and saw her grades begin to drop as she lost more and more interest in her classes. To make matters worse, she was also a victim of bullying.

When it seemed like things could not get much worse, Mari’s parents found Leaves of Learning in Cincinnati. She started school there and is now thriving. She feels motivated to learn and work hard, and her grades are better than ever. Slowly but surely, Mari is regaining her self-confidence.

“Finding the right school can be difficult, but it’s all worth it in the end. All children deserve a chance to learn at their own pace and use whatever methods best suit them. The right school will respect that. Furthermore, the right school will encourage students to grow emotionally as well as intellectually. Leaves of Learning has taught me far more than just academics. It’s taught me to be open to new ideas, to see the world differently and, above all, to believe in myself no matter what.” - Mari