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Special Needs Scholarship

Become a Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Provider

Created in 2011, the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship Program provides scholarships to students with special needs that can be used at the participating school and/or private service provider(s) of their choice. The scholarship is renewable through high school graduation.

See what participating schools are saying…

"The Jon Peterson Scholarship has relieved some of the stress on parents by assisting with the financial burden of specialized programs such as ours.  We have several families who were not able to take advantage of any service options without the scholarship, but now they have been able to put together a plan that best fits the needs of their child and family.  It has made a true difference to these families!"

- Melissa Amrein, Skyward Academy

"The Jon Peterson Scholarship has given some of our students the extra help they need to succeed.  By providing this funding we are able to give students with special needs the support that aids in our mission of helping students achieve their academic potential."

- Zane Powell, Bowling Green Christian Academy

Become a Provider

Private and public schools can sign up to accept scholarship recipients for the Special Needs Scholarship Program using their SAFE account. Click here for step-by-step instructions from the Ohio Department of Education to register your school to participate in the program.

To participate, schools must have a licensed special educator on staff at least part-time to oversee the education of the scholarship recipients.


If you have questions about becoming a provider for this scholarship program, contact the Ohio Department of Education at 877-644-6338.

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By participating in Ohio’s scholarship programs, you are offering children a life-changing opportunity. Families across the state want to send their children to a high-quality school, but sometimes just do not have the means to do so. By accepting scholarships, you are making these families’ dreams come true.

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