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Helping Hand

Lend a helping hand

As an educator, you know that a great education can change a child’s life. You also know that in some cases, kids are in a learning environment that doesn’t fit their needs. It is difficult to watch a child struggle in the classroom, especially when you know he could be thriving under a different roof or with additional services.

You could be the life-changer that lets a child's family know they have options. Lend a helping hand to those children. Help their families learn about the education options available for their child. Visit our resource center for materials that you can share with families.

Does your school end before grade 12? If your students graduate from your program in kindergarten, 5th grade, or 8th grade, let parents know that they have options as they transition to the next level and that School Choice Ohio is here to help. Our resource center has materials that you can share with families in your school.

If you have questions about which programs might be available to help a specific student, please contact us at 614-223-1555 or